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The Money Craze

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Money is a muafucka. That's my simple definition for it.

Webster's defines it as: something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment.

On Kanye West's 2007 Graduation Album in a song titled "Good Life" he says "Havin' money's not everything, not havin' it is."

As I sit back and write this, I don't totally disagree. With that said, for myself anyway, there are limitations to that statement. At this juncture in my life, I am not prepared to risk my freedom in hopes of attaining large sums of money and I don't like the feeling of it not being plentiful. Even as I say that I am trying to think about a hard number that would actually be enough and I can't. Would $10 million suffice, maybe $60 million, could I live well if I had $600K banked? I really don't know. I wouldn't say that my lifestyle is one of excess, I mean you'll never hear me quote any rapper du jour and say "I fucked up a check or I'm 'bout to go fuck up a check", that's just not me. I like nice things and they occasionally find their way into my sphere, but I am really conscious about large and small purchases alike, especially those that rapidly depreciate, with that said, I just bought a pair of brand new factory fresh Tod's Navy Suede Loafers for $556, but before you purse your lips to go the fuck off on me, I got 'em at Nordstrom Rack for $113, so I feel hella proud and accomplished and I would have never paid such a large sum of money for a pair of non-John Lobb, Saint Crispin, or Edward Green shoes, none of which I own and none of which I can afford.

Back to the matter at hand and please pardon my deviation from what matters here. See what I mean, that's kinda what money does to you, it takes you off course, it coaxes your eyes into seeing more, dreaming a bit bigger, and veering outside of your lane into one you have no business being in. I tend to manage my money rather well, but often the thought of more or the thought of lack breeds impatience, and trust me, I am an extremely patient person. Impatience can be a funny thing. In normal everyday life situations, being impatient might cause you to spill your coffee on your freshly pressed shirt or blouse, overpay a couple hundred bucks for a new laptop or gargantuan TV because you couldn't hold out until the next holiday sale, but when you're dealing with money it costs you big.

In my case that was panic selling currency and losing out on $180K or even worse, trying to get over my own shame and embarrassment about it and going on to lose 30K of my own money in less than 8 months. What's really scary about all of this is that I am really unfazed by it all, maybe because I've lost so much in the form of humans in my life that money seems futile, maybe it's because I've convinced myself that I'll make it all back when the market shifts, or maybe I am just unwell and unaware of how much of an idiot I must sound like when stating the former to any normal person. Regardless of what is really at the core of it for me, my advice is to you and to myself is not to let money drive you crazy - spend it on things you need and occasionally desire, send it to those in need of it a bit more than you, and store a bit of it away for rainy days and cold nights.

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