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Abuse of Technology

When we were planning the themes for 2019, we wanted to keep the same energy throughout the year. Our goal is to have a holistic, measured and on the fringes approach to different topics in the culture.

For me, technology is everywhere present in our life. We work on it, we connect through it, we drive it, we love it and abuse it. Tech is both cool and passive. It is a distraction and a game changer.

Technology can be a great equalizer while also showing the inequities we have as a society. Everything from people who live in rural areas to those not having the finances to connect with technology the way the "haves" have the opportunity to. Our job this month is to present technology in a way that causes you to take a deeper look at how technology benefits you, while also causing some to abuse it.

Does technology separate you from those you love? Later in the month, we will talk about how we abuse technology. Sometimes we become so connected to technology that we are not as in tuned to those around us. I have a theory that technology has caused me to do the thing I do best: protect myself from a scary world.

It has also been a major part of my businesses over the years.

We will have a series of guest writers again this month. Each person having a unique experience in tech and giving the real on a career in it to it taking over our workforce.

Stay Tuned.

Eb from C+C

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