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Summa' Time Fine

I loved summers as a kid.

I love them now.

Every summer, a few days after school ended my parents would pack me up and ship me off to New York. Because we left New York after my father went into the military, visiting family and friends was the highlight of my year come June. When you're from New York and move, you act like New York is the second coming. I was no different. You would think New York was the great Mecca that everyone should experience. While I love New York, age and wisdom has shown me that the summers were not great because of the city - although New York is a character that you love and appreciate - I love New York and my time as a child, because it was free.

But it also meant starting over. My New Year doesn't seem to start over in January. I think New Year's resolutions are kind of cool actually, but for me getting started and renewal begins in the summer months. We wanted to take June to encourage you to start over again. Maybe it's working out, or picking up a new hobby, or relaunching your business or reinvesting in your relationship. Whatever it is let's get started together.

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