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Our Not-So-Typical Love Story

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Ours was the typical love story: girl sees boy, girl tells color guard captain boy is cute, color guard captain tells boy's best friend, best friend tells boy...

Actually, this isn't sounding very typical at all! So I don't think it came as a huge surprise to those that knew (and it was a SMALL circle) that our wedding wasn't going to be the most typical either. It went a little something like this:


We were both 18 and still in school - she was a senior in high school and I was just starting college). I proposed the summer after we met (whole different story)

and she took it from there. I pretty much just showed up with a hangover from the "bachelor party" I had with the best man the night before. She chose a day we had off and we eloped to a small chapel just off of interstate 595 with a drive-thru. Yes, you read that correctly, a drive-thru. Though we did go inside to have the ceremony.

Interesting side note: it has since been turned into a Dunkin Donuts, which we felt some type of way about later, but I digress.

Like I said, she chose the day because we were both off of school. That was important because we didn't tell our parents (remember, SMALL circle). She had been planning and buying things for the event even before I proposed. All together we probably spent around $300 for the whole thing. It was a small affair with probably about ten people including the official. For the rest of the day she was giddy as a school girl. So giddy, in fact, I was surprised we made it through the ceremony the way she was giggling though it all.


As my husband said, not the typical story. He's better with words so I let him write most of this (with minor adjustments to what I have written as well). The planning really wasn't awful. Just slightly complicated because we only wanted our closest friends to know. I'd have to say the most stressful part was trying to plan and do everything on a shoestring budget. It was important to me to have an actual wedding (and not just a courthouse event) because tradition is still somewhat important to me.

We didn't have much of a honeymoon (we were young and trying to stay under the radar) which is probably our one regret in regards to whether we would've done things differently if we could go back. And because it was done on such a small scale, there was little to no stress involved. The chapel came pre-decorated and we used faux flowers which helped limit the cost. My dress I actually found by happenstance and all my accessories were bought on sale or clearance. My advice? Anything is possible. You might just need to look a bit more is all.

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