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My Dad Asked for a Divorce in December (Part 1)

What are some traumatic experiences from your childhood? If I was asked what was my take on that time in my life, I would say overall it was great.

But, I can remember yelling as a kid. My parents didn't sugarcoat. I am sure I was guarded from a lot, though. Bless them for trying. On this side of childhood, god bless parents for doing the best they can.

My trauma stemmed from my own desire to protect and serve. I felt like it was my duty to keep these two kids together, as my parents were kids. They were super young when they had me; I felt bad for being born. It sounds harsh, but I took it as a badge of honor for a long time.

My family adores me. I never felt like a burden, but somewhere in my little girl self I decided they should have gone to college and done something other than raise me. I was a great kid. I followed all the rules. I don’t see that as a bad thing, but I think it caused me to be the “perfect child” and a people-pleaser for much of my life. I am the oldest (sort of...long story, don’t ask) and as such felt like I needed to carry any burden of my parents being too young to have a kid - and no money - on as my responsibility.

That's a lot for a kid.


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