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Knit Happens

I Knit.

Circa 2005, I woke up with a deep desire to knit. I do not know why. For some reason, I got in my head that it was important to use my hands again. I think it is because I am crafty, but stopped being crafty. For years I would do an annual scrapbook for Noelani, my best friend. I would give it to her on her birthday. I do not know why I stopped. Life is probably the reason. More honest? I would let my business govern me… and my time.

During this random need to knit, I was living in New York and searched for "knitting for dummies". The craft store Michaels, offered a beginner's class. It was in Far Rockaway, New York. I walked in on a Saturday morning and the nicest woman you can ever imagine welcomed me and taught me how to knit.

A few years ago, I was going to knit a friend of mine a blanket for her newborn child. I started it, but work got in the way and I never finished. Since this month is about getting started, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to finish the baby blanket. The kid is now 3, but it counts.

What did you #getstarted this month?


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