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I Have a Thing for Weird Creatures

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

If you came of age in the 90s, you will immediately squeal with delight when you read the following:

  1. Fraggle Rock

  2. Zoobilee Zoo

  3. Alf

  4. Dinosaurs

Perhaps you did not squeal, but you were immediately taken to a time where you can remember what you were eating, what was going on in the house and/or how you felt as you watched these shows.

I can! I have a weird thing for creatures. Dinosaurs are not “creatures”, but you get the gist. There were quite a few things I loved most about Prague, but for some strange reason, the gargoyles stand out the most.

I do not know why.

Prague was stunning. I have been to a lot of places. Shout out to Gil for pulling my ass out of the US and stretching my comfort zone. I'm now a bit of a travel bug, though I’d do things a bit different than how he would do it.

Gil will have you in 18 got damn cities in 7 days because his theory is let’s get everything since we are already “over here”. It drives me mad, especially because I have this insane fear of flying. I’ve been to quite a few countries across 3 continents and two things hold true.

  1. Prague is the most architecturally beautiful city I’ve ever been to.

  2. Gargoyles are scary and amazing.

I’m just saying you should pick a week or two and find a place (near or far) to get away.

Besides my strange attraction to creatures, here are some fun facts about the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to thus far. (There are 54 countries in Africa. I have not been to any of them yet, so hold your horses. This may change, but for now… Prague)

Here are some fun facts about the Gargoyle City. That’s what I’m calling it.

  • Charles Bridge (photo below) is over 650 years old. A structure has been standing for over 650 years. Magnificent.

  • St. Vitus is 90 years old.

  • The ice cream in Prague is the best I’ve ever tasted. #fightyourmama

  • We walked over 15k steps while we were there. If you track your steps, it is pretty easy to get to that number, but still. It is a great, walkable city.

  • If you are black, you did get stared at in most European cities. Berlin not so much, but it definitely happened in Prague. You’ll get over it. Go anyway.

  • The transportation is perfect.

  • ...gargoyles.

If you get a ticket to Europe, buy a cheap ticket (because they are cheap) and visit a few more cities.

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