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But for Everything That Paris Was, It Wasn't Berlin

As you may have noticed by now, this month is all about travel. Travel this, travel that, travel here, travel there; and you guessed it, this particular blog will be no different. Well, maybe it will, initially when discussing our travel theme I was asked to talk about Paris, and I thought to myself, yeah Paris is beautiful, diverse and charming and then of course we got engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower and attended the French Open at Roland Garros and filled I filled my belly with croissants there; but for everything that Paris was, it wasn't Berlin.

I'm not exactly sure how people would describe and characterize Berlin, but to me, it felt warm, bold, sincere, and kind, all while remaining unapologetically Berlin. Berlin felt black, as ironic as that sounds, considering there isn't this proliferation black people vibing the streets of Berlin, it still felt black, in that way black people feel when they are joyful, proud, have some money in their pockets with no bills due this pay period. Yeah, that was what Berlin felt like.

The food was creative, not in that weird gastronomical smoke and mirrors way, but in that I can tell this came from the soil and it was important to the chef that I could envision it being harvested and taste the purity kinda way.

The people were curious, not in that I wonder what the fuck you're doing here kinda way, but in that how are you enjoying our city and can I recommend something kinda way. There was a level of warmth and tenderness to them; not soft, yet tender. Think back to when one of your great aunts or uncles looks at you deeply with a sense of pride and isn't saying it, but is thinking to themselves, goodness, I wish I would have spent more time with my niece and/or nephew. It was that. That was the feeling I got from Berliners.

The city was beyond easy to conquer and navigate - whether it was on foot, by bike, hopping in and out of buses and trains or jumping in the occasional taxi, Berlin made exploring every artery in its portly body an unforgettable and delightful journey.

Outside of regular bikers taking issue with my inability to keep pace, safety was never a thought or an issue. Berlin was Beautiful, Berlin was Peaceful, Berlin was Kind, Berlin was Bold, Berlin had flavor, Berlin had Soul, Berlin had Taste, Berlin had Flair, Berlin was Smooth, Berlin was Empathetic, Berlin was Understanding, Berlin was Forgiving, Berlin was Proud, Berlin was Sexy, Berlin was Helpful, Berlin was Us, Berlin; yeah Berlin, Berlin was Black!


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