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Blissfully Happy Being Alone

By: Julie Gardner

Blissfully is a strong word relative to happiness. Happiness is fleeting, sometimes lasting longer than other times. So, I’m totally happy, being happy most of the time, which I am. And I’m alone with no husband or boyfriend at this time. I am alone not because I’m down on men, think all men are bad news or that I’ll never find what I’m looking for. Nope, not the reason.

I am alone because I am enjoying the journey of learning layer-by-layer all about ‘my authentic self’, all the pieces and parts including my inner child who has held all of my feelings since childhood and my inner child’s survival self who has protected me from pain, harm and all scary things, creating a multitude of addictions to shield me from the cruel reality I lived in. This, to me, is so rewarding to learn about, care for and to feel the healing taking place.

This is so special, magnificent, amazing and completely divine that I feel full, whole and complete. Translation: I am becoming ‘the man’ I want to marry. Say what?? Not as crazy as it may sound. The kind of relationship that I have with myself is the most important relationship that I need. Family and friends are important; don’t misunderstand that; however, I am my best friend. That means I don’t feel the need to reach outside of myself for advice and opinions of others as much anymore. Why? Because now I go deep inside and talk things over with myself. We all have the answers to everything we want to know. We just have not trusted the God/Spirit within each of us for answers because we were taught others knew better than we did. I trust myself; I believe in myself and I love myself with all the pieces and parts that are coming into alignment with who I am.

My soul contract may include a boyfriend, marriage and many other things. However, I do not have this knowledge of what’s in store for me and I am not waiting around ‘for something to happen’. One thing I do know is that I am here in this body, in this life, to love and be loved. And that’s what I’m doing…blissfully happy alone.


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